Purchasing a fire station alerting system is a major decision for a fire department. MACH Alert’s team of experienced programmers, engineers, and technicians are involved in every step of each system deployment, from initial consultation to final acceptance testing. Every agency has their own unique set of requirements, so there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. The MACH Alert team’s mission is to ensure that every department gets the most out of their MACH Alert system.


After purchase, a MACH Alert’s project manager will host an on-site or remote detailed design review for agency officials to outline the installation process and system configuration. Afterwards, the MACH Alert team will perform a site survey of all fire stations to verify installation locations and hardware interfaces.


All MACH Alert systems are assembled at an in-house UL-508a-certified production facility by an experienced team of electrical technicians. On the shop floor, every piece of every MACH Alert system undergoes an exhaustive battery of physical, hardware, and software tests. Before the system ever leaves our facility, its components are configured, networked, and brought online for full-system functionality tests. Customers are invited to attend and take their new system for a test drive prior to shipment.


Customers should not have to figure out the installation process on their own. When a MACH Alert system ships to the customer, the team’s job is just getting started. A MACH Alert installation supervisor will travel on-site to personally train the local installation team and supervise initial installation of hardware into the dispatch center and fire stations.


Once MACH Alert hardware is installed and communications are in place, the MACH Alert team will return to commission the system and perform a second round of tests and configuration. Technicians will visit every fire station to verify that no hardware has been damaged during the shipping and installation process. While on site, the team will install the latest version of the MACH Alert software and configure the system for service


Prior to system cutover, the MACH Alert team will conduct classroom and/or hands-on training sessions for both dispatchers and the technicians responsible for day-to-day system maintenance. Dispatchers will be taught how to use the MACH Alert graphical user interface to issue alerts, respond to feedback, and monitor the system state. Technicians will learn about the system's software and hardware configuration options, how to monitor the system, and how to apply forensics using built in notifications and configurable alarms. Typically, the MACH Alert team will conduct multiple training sessions to accommodate trainees' work schedules.


When a customer is ready to take their MACH Alert system live, the team will be there to support them throughout the process. On cutover day, the MACH Alert team will travel to each fire station to conduct a final acceptance test and, if applicable, supervise the physical cutover process at the Station Controller. The MACH Alert team aims to make the fire station alerting cutover process as smooth as possible for all agencies involved.


24/7 phone support is available for all MACH Alert systems—ensuring that, in the unlikely event that a major issue occurs, the MACH Alert team will be available for assistance. Support tickets may also be created via e-mail. All MACH Alert systems are covered by an initial warranty period and extended warranties and maintenance plans are also available.